Sketchbook Tour

So… Sketchbook tours are one thing that’s so cool and fascinating. It is colorful, it is creative and what’s not to love? I’ve seen, been inspired by so many art journals and sketchbooks, that I wanted to try and do one as well.

This drawing happened when I was inspired by zentangle art and so wanted to try it. 👇

Sketchbook tour | Zentangle

Who doesn’t love nature? This drawing was inspired by the beautiful and vibrant cherry blossoms. 👇

Sketchbook tour | Cherry blossom scenery

I thought of mixing abstract art and doodling, and this happened.👇

Sketchbook tour | Abstract art and Doodling

That one time when I had to try Scribble Art so much.👇

Sketchbook tour | Scribble Art

When I was inspired by Abstract Art, while looking for references. 👇

Sketchbook tour | Abstract art

I wanted to try different techniques in drawing trees and the sketch turned out like this.👇

Sketchbook tour | Scenery drawing

Have you ever experienced an irresistible craving for artworks in the form of movies that are a masterpiece? I wanted to watch Harry Potter for the millionth time but ended up drawing Diagon Alley.👇

Sketchbook tour | Diagon Alley

This one, obviously is for the festive times.👇

Sketchbook tour | Christmas Eve

This one happened when I tried another way of drawing trees and bushes and learned a bit about lights and shadows too.👇

Sketchbook tour | Tree drawing

This drawing is when I was so in love with the Illustration art , I had to try one. 👇

Sketchbook tour | Illustration art

I tried yet another illustration art with a short story called Freedom.

Sketchbook tour | Freedom

Silhouette art is so fascinating and will always be an evergreen love for me.👇

Sketchbook tour | Silhouette girl art

Nothing beats a good doodling day. It’s relaxing, therapeutic, and in short, it’s inner peace for me. No wonder why I’m obsessed with it. 👇

Sketchbook tour | Doodling flowers

I wanted to try drawing a realistic looking subject. It’s nowhere close but I hope it’s a decent one.👇

Sketchbook tour | Hibiscus

I wanted to talk about drawing in One point perspective and here is the sketch for it.👇

Sketchbook tour | One Point Perspective

This drawing happened when I wanted to talk about drawing in Two point perspective. 👇

Sketchbook tour | Two point perspective

I wanted to try random, leisure doodling with marker pens and here is how it turned out.👇

Sketchbook tour | Doodling with marker pens

Everything you can imagine is real.

Pablo Picasso

So… I’d love to know which one of my sketches caught your eye? Here is few of my other posts if you’d like to read more. 👇 Regards, your fellow Art Warlock.

Silhouette Art Ideas

Hello everyone 👋 Hope you’re all doing great!💜 So… silhouette art is a fascinating kind of art. In my case, I can’t draw people’s faces that good. At times I’ve often confused what I’ve drawn, a human face, or monkey or an alien!😂 But in this kind of art, I don’t have to sweat it. I can draw just the shape of the subject, color it black and be done with it. With the right kind of background, the sketch will look great, so you see why I love Silhouette art so much!😊

What is Silhouette Art?

A silhouette is the image of a scene, object or a person, represented as a solid shape usually in black colour. There is no distinctive outline or edges. In other words, the figure represented is usually backlit. Hence it appears dark against a bright background. Simply, the background is lit and foreground is dark. Since the subject is in high contrast with the background, the end result always looks cool. You can experiment with different types of background to make interesting effects.

Bright background ideas

  • Highlighter/Neon markers (I’ve used here)
  • Glitter ink
  • Abstract watercoloring
  • Color pencil shadings of single/multiple colors
  • Any object that shines bright like lamp post, car headlights, or sun or moon. Well, you get the idea.😊
  • Or simply white background
Silhouette Art Ideas – Background

I’ve chosen a city view for the subject because it’s simple to draw but at the same time looks interesting. Here is the end result.

Silhouette art

Here is an example of a different kind of background. I’ve drawn a lamp post that shines bright, with a girl walking as the subject. Check it out here – Silhouette art – Raining Colors

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How To Get Doodle Ideas

Hello everyone 👋 Hope you are all doing great. This time I wanted to share the process of doodling from ideas. To begin with, pick a theme of what you wanna doodle. Some famous types are monsters, flowers, words or random things. Or you can even start with a story or concept and pour out your imagination on paper as you go. You can include things you wanna do, places you wanna go. For example, Eiffel Tower represents Paris. Simplify it as much as you like. All you need is a pencil and eraser.

How I came up with the ideas

So, I started with the theme of forest and made a palm tree doodle on either sides. May be, add some skyscrapers for city view? Hmmm. A van and a road to connect both ends. A park bench sounds nice. A tiny sea and sea monster says hi! City life is famous for fast foods, coffee, music and social networking. Technology is at its best. Rockets and spaceships, yeah? May be aliens might make contact too. Forests got exotic flowers and trees. Nature thrives out there. Then some happy faces here and there. Here is my rough sketch.👇

Doodle ideas

After Inking

Doodle ideas

I wanted to make it colorful so I threw all the colors possible. Here is the final result.

Doodle ideas

Don’t worry if you can’t come up with solid ideas. Just draw whatever you feel like. One simple way is to look around for things. Simplify them to basic shapes and you are good to go. And of course, there is always a ton of reference materials out there for good input and inspiration. So, what are you waiting for? Doodle away!😊

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