A simple guide to Scribble Art

What is Scribble Art?

Scribble Art is a unique form of art, that is, to create art literally by scribbling! I know, it sounds weird right? But trust me, the result will blow your mind! If you love sketching and drawing, and if you haven’t tried this one yet, I strongly suggest you should. It might not be your style of art, but you can almost never go wrong with this kind. You don’t have to be perfect in drawing and shading. Its the small imperfections that makes this kind of art more beautiful.

How to do Scribble Art?

To begin with, let’s look at something simple. Trees. We can use various strokes and shading techniques to draw any kind of trees or bushes or grass. Usually, for sceneries it is mostly a mix of free-hand-drawing and scribble strokes.

With this, let’s look at drawing a simple scenery step-by-step.

Step 1 : Fix the center of your scenery

To begin with lets draw a simple house and give it value by shading. I’ve chosen the sunlight to be from top-right corner, so I’ve shaded accordingly.

Step 2: Begin drawing strokes for trees

Now this part might look simple but all it takes is little concentration. Closer to the ground and wall will be dark because of shadow, so dark strokes will do. For the tree tops, it needs a little pattern along with the strokes to make it look like a tree.

To fill the space above the house, I’ve done strokes as base for the extension of branches. Then a little pattern and shading, the magic combo, to give life to the scribbling.

Step 3: Simple strokes for grass

To fill the bottom half, the simple option is grass patches. Instead of drawing strokes in straight lines, which looks ugly and boring, make them in shapes to give the perspective of terrain. Again the magic combo of pattern and shading, and voila! The grassland is ready.

Even if its mostly scribbles and strokes, if we remember the aspect of light and shadows, everything will look decent and convincing! After a few finishing touches, here is the result!

There are more complex scribble arts like drawing portraits which look stunning. But for beginners, I think drawing sceneries is best option to practice with, as it combines both scribble art and free-hand-drawings.

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