How to draw a cherry blossom scenery? | Pencil drawing nature

1. Drawing outlines

Pencil drawing – Outlines

The concept here is a rainy road with bushes on the sides and a cherry blossom tree. So I’ve outlined accordingly. To add some texture to the tree trunk, strokes are drawn instead of flat tone shading.

2. Drawing bushes

Pencil drawing – Bushes

There are various techniques to draw bushes. Here I’ve used simple and random leaf shading.

3. Adding depth to bushes

Pencil drawing – Adding depth

To add a little depth to the bushes, overlap the gray shades leaves with little darker leaves of random pattern. I’ve used 6B graphite pencil here. I’ve also used pink and gray colour in the path to create the concept of reflection after a rain.

4. Finishing up with Cherry Blossoms

Pencil drawing – Cherry Blossoms

To finish up the drawing, I’ve drawn pink leaves representing cherry blossoms, in a random pattern. Also, I’ve used gray color for the buildings in the background.

Things needed

The pencils used are graphite – 6B, 7B, 8B. The colors used are pink, gray and white. Apart from these, the other thing that’s needed is a tiny bit of patience as well.😄

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How to draw a simple scenery? | Simple pencil drawing

1. Draw outlines for clouds

Pencil drawing – Clouds

Shade the sky with a flat tone, using softer pencils. I used 6B. Smudge the clouds randomly to make it look little realistic.

2. Draw the ocean

Pencil Sketching – Ocean

Darken the horizon and draw rough random lines for tides. Using a softer pencil, draw the tide line and the foreground silhouette line. (I used 8B)

3. Draw trees and bushes

Pencil sketching – Trees and Bushes

To finish up, draw two palm trees and darken them along with the foreground. Small crops can be added for effect. (Here I’ve used 8B.)

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