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Dear Diary | Hungry and Lazy

So… At this fine hour, I’m hungry. And lazy to get up and cook as well. Hungry and lazy is a powerful combination; it brings out so many questions about universe, science and the life force itself. For example, why do we get hungry and eat three times a day? […]

Dear Diary: Meditation madness

So… It is said that mediation is like hanging out with your soul. It makes you feel fresh, relaxed and happy. It’s just listening to sweet music, sitting still with eyes closed. That simple? May be I should try it! I sat comfortably on a cushion, closed my eyes and […]

Cooking Disasters

So… I love to cook but I’m not a great one, I’m not gonna lie. Non-veg recipes are my forté and vegetarian recipes are in range of ‘not bad’. But desserts… It’s fifty shades of disaster for me. That’s where these cooking videos comes into play. Every YouTube recipe looks […]