How to doodle with marker pens

Hello everyone 👋 Doodling is the sweetest kind of art that connects with me greatly than others, I’ll admit. Why? It’s got a bit of beauty, colors, chaos and creativity. A perfect, fascinating blend that makes me keep going back for more. This time I wanted to try it out with marker pens. No pencil and eraser, just pens from scratch. Since this is my first time using just pens, I started with the simple flower doodling.

Easy flower doodle ideas

Flower doodle ideas

Using this shapes as base I’ve done my doodle with some mix and match and some colors thrown in. There are so many possibilities for doodling and coloring them and that’s what I love about it. We can absolutely go crazy with it!😄 There is no right way or wrong way of doing it. If you are not sure with pens, you can rough sketch with pencils first. Like I said, there is no wrong way of doing it. So, here’s my result.

Flower doodles with marker pens

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How to doodle flowers

Doodling is a unique form of art where you create drawings without focusing or thinking much. It is not planned or anything. Whatever you feel like drawing you just do. It is said to have so many benefits like stress relieving, improving creativity and more but hey I’m not gonna talk about that. The process itself is intriguing, and every doodle I’ve seen is fascinating. So why not give it a try, yeah? 😊

Basic flower doodles

Flower Doodles

Using these flower shapes I’m gonna draw or most accurately, fill the paper.😊

Flower doodles

Here I’ve highlighted the flowers by black coloring the empty spaces because before it looked kind of chaotic. Overall, I’ve had fun with the process and I’m happy to share it with you all.

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How to draw in two point perspective

Sketching sceneries, buildings and what-not and making it look realistic sounds like a complicated affair. While sketching roughly, the drawing looks just about right but not as precise as reality. That’s where the perspectives come into play. To read about how to draw in one point perspective and vanishing points in detail, check out this link – How to draw in One Point Perspective?

In two point perspective, two vanishing points are used. Imagine standing at a crossroad and looking at the building in the corner that you are facing. Now, there will be two roads moving away from you. These two roads, as far as your eyes could see, will end in vanishing points. Here, we do not consider the other two roads that’s behind you. In this case, the horizontal lines of the buildings are drawn in relation to these 2 vanishing points. Note that in One Point Perspective, all the planes facing the observer will be straight or flat. Whereas in Two Point Perspective, angles are at play.

Two point perspective

Let’s see how to draw a simple cottage house in two point perspective.

Two point perspective

Step 1: Draw a horizon line and place two points at each ends. These will be our two vanishing points. Draw a straight line and connect to the vanishing points as shown. This will be the edge of the house that’s closer to the observer.

Step 2: Draw two more vertical lines one on each side of the first line that’s drawn. These will be the other two edges. Note that each horizontal line that’s drawn will end in either of the vanishing points while the vertical lines stay straight and parallel.

I will finish up the cottage with little more details, some trees and bushes.

Two point perspective

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