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Who’s the Boss?

                    Image Source  It was a foggy Sunday with the sun hiding behind the clouds. There was not much sunlight and it was cold too. She was in the kitchen doing the dishes as she enjoyed the weather and the view from […]

Kids Are Like That!

Day One She was so excited. It was a new beginning in her life, moving in to a new house. They say home is where the heart is. She felt like she was finally at home.  Day Two She was singing along Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive and suddenly the doorbell rang. […]

A Strange Elixir Called Tea

I blundered Broke your heart. Words fired Tore my heart. Eyes welled Left your sight. Days passed Not your memory. Soul waited To catch your smile. Chances renewed To get closer. Mistakes erased Now they seem silly. Wounds healed Time is a doctor. Lessons learned Trust is a lifeline. Love […]