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Dear Diary | Cosmic Nuisances

So… Some things are so common in our daily life but almost beyond our control. Like a sudden rain that pours when you head out; a freezing winter; a sudden call of duty that cuts short your vacation; the list goes on and on. Here’s my top ‘cosmic’ nuisances that’s […]

Weird Science

So… Science is weird. Sometimes we can’t even understand how something happens, we simply arrive at the conclusion that science is weird. Because it is easier than poking at the mechanics of it. Here’s few things that my brain automatically pushes aside to the ‘weird science’ zone. Toned Down Time […]

Dear Diary | Slumber Drill

So… Are you the one that sleeps the next instant you close your eyes? Believe me when I tell you, you are one of the luckiest of the lucky bunch. Some people (like me of course) gotta go through a million hurdles to reach that sweet, sweet thing called sleep! […]