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No One Is Safe Until Everyone Is | COVID-19 and Global Inequalities

World Health Day | Healthcare awareness | COVID-19

World Health Day | April 7

The World Health Organization realizes April 7th of every year as World Health Day. A theme is set for every year and the Organization invites and encourages everyone to join the campaign and work towards realizing the goal during the entire year. On that note, this year’s theme is set to BUILDING A FAIRER, HEALTHIER WORLD.

COVID-19 and the Global Inequalities

Can you believe it? It’s been a complete year since COVID-19 has tore through our lives and it’s nowhere near done. We all know the saying, the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. As if it’s not dire enough, this pandemic has deepened all the existing inequalities, more specifically socio-economic and healthcare. The impact of the blow has been borne mostly by lower paid income groups, daily wage workers, people living in less developed areas and such.

World Health Day | Healthcare awareness | COVID-19

Healthcare Inequalities

The pandemic as if it’s not dangerous enough, it has uncovered and amplified the healthcare inequalities that has been hiding here and there. Almost all the people who are daily-wage workers have lost their jobs and pushed to the poorer category if they had not been there already. Imagine the deadly virus (or any illness for that matter) affecting a person who doesn’t even have enough to eat for the next meal. Healthcare sounds impossible. Simply put, for a person who is rich, Healthcare comes to him on a silver platter and for the poorer people it sounds like a fantasy. This is the dreaded Healthcare Inequality that’s so obviously present everywhere, the WHO aims to reduce this year.

World Health Day | Healthcare awareness | COVID-19

How to build a fairer, healthier world?

According to the World Health Organization, the COVID-19 has hit hard the communities who are already vulnerable, who have less access to quality healthcare and more exposed to the disease. As a result, the consequences are also heavy and harsh, like a nasty loop that’s feeding itself.

Work Together

To address the issues of inequalities, the WHO urges governments and related organizations to come together in a co-ordinated approach. What can a government do? Reduce price barriers, provide increased income support. Arrange for free and quality healthcare campaigns in required areas.

Collect Reliable Data

Reliable data must be collected and updated constantly irrespective of gender, income, age or geographical location, to assess which areas are most deprived of the required healthcare for this pandemic.

Tackle Inequities

Before getting into it, what is inequity? Or much better, let’s see equity vs equality.

Although both equity and equality aims for and promotes fairness, equality means treating everyone the same, irrespective of their need. Whereas equity means treating everyone fairly depending on their needs and requirements.

The WHO urges the governments to find out the root causes of inequities and to increase investments in primary healthcare. Ultimately it aims in achieving Health-for-all and the first step to realize this long term goal would be tackling inequalities.

Act Beyond Borders

Everyone must be tested and treated, the entire global population. Vaccines must be made available based on the needs and awareness must be created to ensure everyone receives vaccination. Governments and other organizations must extend their hands too to in building trust and participation of the entire global population.

No one is safe until everyone is

Because of the deepened inequalities in every sector possible, the reaching of healthcare to the poorer sections of people remains a fantasy. No matter how shielded the rich are, this virus has reminded everyone that all it takes is a single person as a carrier to start the next wave of pandemic. Simply put, no one is safe until everyone is! At the end of the day, no matter the situation, it all boils down to money, isn’t it?! And by the way, healthcare is not a privilege but a human right!

World Health Day | Healthcare awareness | COVID-19

The WHO has created posters, social media tiles, and backgrounds which can be downloaded here : World Health Day – WHO Campaign

What can we do as an individual? Help create awareness in receiving vaccination and extend support to those who are in need. Reblog and share this post too as sharing is caring.

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