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Hola Warlocks! It’s that time of the month, where we do a meet and greet.😊 It’s April and I’ve come up with an exciting opportunity to promote your blog, meet and greet sessions, discussions, collaborations, you name it.😊 When we follow each other, it’s great to get to know each other and connect with, isn’t it? So don’t be a stranger.😊

Rules are simple.😊

  • Reblog this post. The more we meet, the better, yeah?
  • Tell me something about you with a link to your best/latest post in the comments. Or ask me a question about something you’d like to know.
  • Visit and follow other bloggers, share the love.
  • Bookmark this post and visit from time to time to connect with more blogger buddies.

If you wish to make a collaboration post in art, poetry or any topic or to exchange links, mail me at

Happy blogging! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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Yuvi MK

I write, I read, I sketch, I repeat!πŸ’•

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      1. Thanks for your support yuvi .
        I just see u r comment on my post.
        I really surprised to see it.
        I wanna learn lot of technics about blogging, because I am one of the new member in wordpress.

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  1. Nice initiative Yuvi. I would like to start here with sharing one of my favourite poems, I have written a few days agoβ€”

    Title : Life is too short to hate
    Message: We can make a better world together.

    The baby cries create pain in the mother’s heart,
    her eyes are watery & wet,
    Life is too short to hate.

    Read more:

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