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Cherry Blossom | Doodle Cards | Free Printables

Hola Warlocks! πŸ€— Hope you are all doing well today. Who doesn’t love cherry blossoms, yeah? It’s also known as Sakura in Japan. Cherry blossom scenery drawing is always an exciting thing, although if you’ve already done it a hundred times. The vibrant cherry blossoms that looks like paradise on earth have inspired artists everywhere to try and capture it’s unparalleled beauty on a canvas. This time, I wanted to make cute cherry blossom doodle cards and here they are!

How to Draw Cherry Blossom Branches

Cherry blossom | Sakura | Doodle cards

This is a simple yet beautiful illustration of a cherry blossom branch. Few flowers and a single branch running across should do. To color the petals, you can use two or even three shades of pink. Watercolor works much better. If you notice, I’ve colored the background as pink which adds a pleasant effect to our subject here which is a cherry blossom branch.

Cherry blossom | Sakura | Doodle cards

Here, if you look closely, the petals are not well defined but kind of abstract, heart shaped things. It’s a great choice to draw branches that are far away.

Cherry blossom | Sakura | Doodle cards

Here the branches are up close and to add depth to the flowers rather than making it look linear, the trick is to not color the petals fully. If you notice, I have left a small space blank where two petals join. It’s a simple and nice trick while using a single color marker.

How to Draw Cherry Blossom Wreaths

Cherry blossom | Sakura | Doodle cards

Drawing cherry blossom wreaths are another beautiful thing and the possibilities are literally endless! Here in the first wreath, I have used simple flower petals. I’ve made two to three flowers overlap to add a little depth to the wreath. The trick to make the leaves look cuter is to use two shades of green.

Cherry blossom | Sakura | Doodle cards

This wreath is of the same type as the previous one. I’ve made the branches as overlapping circles and I personally think, this type looks much cuter. And the random tiny petal shapes here and there adds life to the wreath. So, don’t hesitate to include them.😊

Cherry blossom | Sakura | Doodle cards

This wreath is quite different than the previous ones. The flowers are a little complicated in shading as I tried to create some depth by using two shades of pink marker and a pink highlighter. For the branches and leaves, I’ve used neon green and added tiny random brown strokes. (Just thought I could try something different.😊)

Cherry blossom doodle templates | Free printables

Cherry Blossoms Doodle Templates | Free Printables

I have included the free printables of the six cherry blossom doodle templates and the size finished doodle cards. To print them, click download to open them in a pdf viewer and going forth to print them.

Cherry Blossom Doodle Cards | Free Printables

Cherry Blossom Doodle Cards | Free Printables

Happy doodling!πŸ’œ

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