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Cute DIY Positivity Doodle Cards | Free Printables

Hola Warlocks! How are you all doing today?πŸ’œ This time I’ve come up with some positivity doodle cards. I hope you like them.😊

Materials I used:

  • Thick sheet of size A4 cut into four quarters. (You can choose to cut into two halves too depending on your preference. )
  • Faber-Castel marker pens. (You can use brushpens or watercolors of your choice too.)

Good things take time

Good things take time | Doodle cards

I see this powerful phrase as a sweet and angelic version of ‘have some patience, you #$*%@!’🀣 But hey, it’s absolutely true though, isn’t it?! We can take ourselves as examples. As bloggers (hobby or professional likewise), think of the day you started your blog. That first post, first lovely follower, first appreciation and so on. When we look back we might have come a long way. And needless to say, we have a long journey ahead. Simply put, success is a good thing. And…

Good things take time.

The Secret Ingredient is Always Love

The secret ingredient is always love | Doodle cards

Have you ever wondered that this phrase is not only a metaphor but also its totally true literally too. It might sound weird but im not kidding! You don’t have to believe me. You can DIY! Choose a recipe that you are very comfortable with. First time cook it for someone you love. Next time cook it for someone you totally hate. I’m telling you, first time it will be amazing and the next time, well you know. Even if the recipes are the same, we subconsciously somehow transfer what we feel through the ladle. I don’t understand the science of it! Anyways…

The secret ingredient is always love.

You Got This

You got this | Doodle cards

When you are really struggling with something, if you hear someone saying, ‘you got this’, you might feel like wanting to punch them in their face. I’ve been there too! But, think of it. It’s only that momentary irritation from the tough time we are having. Most of the time, all we need is that little nudge to keep on running and not giving up. So, it’s really sweet to have someone to encourage us like…

You got this.

Storms Don’t Last Forever

Storms dont last forever | Doodle cards

The world might have come crashing down on you today but tomorrow will be a little bit better. The day after, a little bit more and so on. It might look like it takes forever but it’s only a season, not your future. You can weather it out. It’s stormy now but the sun should come out tomorrow or the day after. Meaning…

Storms don’t last forever.

Nothing is Out of Reach

Nothing is out of reach | Doodle Cards

We all might have come across the evolution stories which says a giraffe’s neck was shorter hundreds of thousands years ago. But as it continuosly tried to reach for the leaves in the taller branches, the later generations had a longer neck. Okay, this might be true, or not. Let’s not argue the science of itπŸ˜„. The take away here is the sweet lesson that anything is possible if we keep on really trying😊. Simply put…

Nothing is out of reach.

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone | Doodle Cards

Okay, if you’re alone and if you are reading this, it might sound horrific! Slowly, look over your shoulder!🀣 Jokes apart, there’s always someone to help you if you’re stuck somewhere. All you have to do is reach out for help. That feeling, like it’s really difficult and you are left alone in a corner, it’s only your choice. You can choose to come out of it. Simply put…

You are not alone.

Free Printables

You can print these six cards by clicking the download button to open the cards in a pdf viewer and going forth to print.

Your suggestions are most welcome

If you’d like to suggest any subject like motivational doodles, friendship, love and things like that, I’d be happy to come up with doodle ideas and printable outlines. Also I’d be most honored to link your blog in the post with your suggestions.

If you’d like to check out my other cards :

Spread positivity. Happy doodling!πŸ’œ Regards, Yuvi.

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  1. ❀️ Love the post dear. You are so funny and I loved each of your postcard they are so beautiful. Can I share it with my friends?

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