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Doodle Art Idea With Free Printables

Hola Warlocks πŸ’• I was thinking of doodling and again ended up with flower doodles. πŸ˜„ (Again?!) In my defense though, I tried coloring the doodles with color pencils as a difference. Here it is.

Flower Doodles

This looks fine. (I guess?πŸ€”) But I always love to work some ‘dark magic‘. Dark magic?! Yes, your eyes did not deceive you. Color the background dark, preferably black and I call it ‘dark magic’. Here’s a secret! Coloring the background dark, would highlight the subject in the foreground, adds depth and take your entire drawing to the next level. Hence, the name, dark magic.😊 Here’s how it looks.

Flower Doodles

Do you love doodling too? Then, I’ve got you!😊 Take this idea and work your unique magic. Not feeling like it but wish to do some leisure coloring? Awesome. Here’s the flower doodles outline which is a free printable. Print it, color it, and enjoy it!😊 If you do, please link it back to this post. I’d love to see your unique version of it. Or you can pin it for later too!

Happy doodling! Regards, your fellow Warlock!πŸ’•

Flower doodles free printable

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