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9 Simple Ways To Get Out Of an Art Block

So… Have you ever had an art block or precisely creative block? It’s as real as a writer’s block; it gets all creators alike. What is an Art Block? Sometimes, we have no problem, the drawing just flows like a river and fills up our sketchbook or canvas and sometimes the river is all dried up. It might sound daunting but it’s actually easier to get out of it than we think.

Take A Break

I know, it might sound silly, but it really works wonders. Take a day or two. Get out of the house, meet some friends, go shopping or anything you like do to relax on a holiday. Anything other than thinking about drawing should work.

Do Not Wait

What?! This is in contrast to the above point! I can hear your mind.😊 But hear me out. ‘Good things come to those who wait’, they say. It works fine for a pizza delivery but not here. Take a break for few days but not too much. Get that sketchbook out and draw something. Anything. It’s okay if it looks bad. Just fill that page with whatever comes to your mind and there’s a high chance you will get an idea of what you want to draw next and how to draw it. Musings and inspirations cannot be forced but you can put yourself in situations where you can find them.

Get Shopping

Try out a new art supply. Yes. All that excitement of wanting to try out that new art supply should get your creative juices flowing.

Try New Art

Trying something new is always exciting. So go out of your comfort zone and try something that you’ve never did before. For example, if acrylics is your thing, you could try drawing comics for fun. Anything that piques your interest.

Do Not Pressure Yourself

You may be professional artist, budding artist or a hobby artist like me. But it never turns out good if you pressure yourself. I believe whatever level of artist you are, the process of creating the art should be enjoyed. As much as you enjoy it, it will be reflected in the result. No rush and no pressure. Love the process and enjoy it.

Brainstorm Ideas

Get a journal and list out everything you’ve ever wished to draw. It might be a cup, a bird, refrigerator, it doesn’t matter how simple the subject is. Write it all down. Next try writing down some scenarios that you want to draw. For example, a girl in a wheat field; a kid in a swing. This will surely jump start your creativity.

Look For Prompts

Ask a friend or family to suggest you some drawing prompts. Start from there and take it in the direction as you feel like. You could even look for prompts in online art forums or groups, participate in art challenges or contests.

Take A Walk

Go out for a walk in a nearby by park or any scenic area and just look around. Art is everywhere literally if you’ve got the eyes for it and anything can be your muse. It can be two people sitting by the tree, a small lake with fountain, kids playing around swings and those tiny rides and so on. If drawing people is not your thing, you could take some good scenic pictures and that should work. You can even try drawing what you are looking. Sit in your room and draw the view in front of you. Or step out the balcony or look through a window and try drawing the beautiful view.

Take References

Yes. It’s by far the best idea to beat the art block. Google your favorite artists, look for ideas in pinterest or whatever works for you. Browse for artworks, wallpapers of your preferred genre and give your creativity a good nudge.

I was kind of feeling stuck too and could not think of anything to draw for a few days. Then I remembered I came across a good picture in pinterest a while ago which I used now. I added some random flowers and colors as an addition to the reference.

Beat Art Block

After inking and coloring

Beat Art Block


Art block or Creative block might feel like ‘the end of your art journey’. But it doesn’t last much longer. Think of it like your subconscious and brain taking a short breather. Usually it goes away after a short time. Or it only takes a few simple steps to get out of it and get you back to creating beautiful art again.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you for visiting! See you soon. Until then, toodles from your fellow Art Warlock.πŸ’œ

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  1. Today my creative block was lifted. I actually thought of retiring from being an artist until I happen to read an article on why art is important during times of uncertainty. Thanks for your encouraging tips too and letting artists know creative blocks are okay and temporary. 😊

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