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How to doodle with marker pens

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹ Doodling is the sweetest kind of art that connects with me greatly than others, I’ll admit. Why? It’s got a bit of beauty, colors, chaos and creativity. A perfect, fascinating blend that makes me keep going back for more. This time I wanted to try it out with marker pens. No pencil and eraser, just pens from scratch. Since this is my first time using just pens, I started with the simple flower doodling.

Easy flower doodle ideas

Flower doodle ideas

Using this shapes as base I’ve done my doodle with some mix and match and some colors thrown in. There are so many possibilities for doodling and coloring them and that’s what I love about it. We can absolutely go crazy with it!πŸ˜„ There is no right way or wrong way of doing it. If you are not sure with pens, you can rough sketch with pencils first. Like I said, there is no wrong way of doing it. So, here’s my result.

Flower doodles with marker pens

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