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Cooking Disasters

So… I love to cook but I’m not a great one, I’m not gonna lie. Non-veg recipes are my fortΓ© and vegetarian recipes are in range of ‘not bad’. But desserts… It’s fifty shades of disaster for me.

That’s where these cooking videos comes into play. Every YouTube recipe looks very colorful, easy and appealing, it will make you wanna run to the kitchen and try it immediately! Well, it’s a trap. Don’t fall for it!πŸ˜‘ Those beautiful thumbnails are your Instagram pictures. But it will turn out like your driving license or aadhar card picture every damn time! Even if you follow the exact measurement, exact steps shown there’s always some invisible evil force in the air acting against you, jinxing your beautiful creation!😏

May be my brain is not wired to make such near-impossible, almost sci-fi things called desserts. But I will keep on trying. There’s always my muse, the legendary Thomas Edison with me. What does a scientist have to do with cooking desserts? It is said that he did not fail 1000 times but he invented 1000 ways how not to make a light bulb. Likewise, I’m inventing every possible way of how not to make a dessert!πŸ˜„ May be one day I’ll make a perfect dessert. Until then, my humble kitchen is my personal laboratory! I wish all the luck in the world to my sweet family because they are the ones that test my experiments!πŸ˜„

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Yuvi MK

I write, I read, I sketch, I repeat!πŸ’•

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