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Call of Duty

So… my brain out of the blue decides that I should do some rambling entries. Oh, well! Here I go!

Call of Duty! My first ever playstation game I’ve played. From the Infinite Warfare to the Cold War, all I’ve got is love for that beauty! (And sometimes a little bit of hate tooπŸ˜„)

Zombies? No problem. Multiplayer? Piece of cake. Campaign and Co-Ops? πŸ˜„ But… Am I the only one in this whole wide world who is incapable of playing war zone?! 🧐


Game 1. Let’s wait to drop at the far end the map. Oh no, there’s still people waiting with me. I better drop now. Let’s find a gun. Oh, there’s one! Run girl, run to it. Then I hear a single shot. Death by sniper. Who the…! Respawn? Don’t even bother. I know what will happen before even landing. That is if I survive the gulag first.πŸ˜‘

Game 2. Let’s land in the middle. Oh hey, this is a nice hiding spot. I’m gonna hide and don’t even sneak a peek of what’s happening out.



Oh, the circle! A slight peek out the window and jackpot! There’s a clueless guy running in the distance. I got a good LMG, what could go wrong? ‘Dudududud….’ Nope. ‘Dudududud…’ Nope! Damn, he’s fast! Stop running for God’s sake. And.. he does. He’s like ‘oh, hello there…’ and fires a single shot and guess what? Dead.


Game 546. I’m gonna land at the far end of the map. Stealth mode – ON. I’m a secret ninja. I chase the circle. Oh, I’m already in the top fifty. Hear that footsteps? No, don’t even move! Let him pass. I’m just sitting here, meditating. Top twenty. The circle gets smaller and at the first encounter of a human, I’m gone even before I aim down at him!πŸ₯΄ Alright, thats it! Goodbye, warzone! I’ll go back to my multiplayer and zombie stuffs, thank you.😏

Here is a few other banters of mine!

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Yuvi MK

I write, I read, I sketch, I repeat!πŸ’•

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