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Illustration art – A beginner’s guide

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹ So, illustrations. We might have seen this word here and there associated with drawings and stories. What does it actually mean? This is a fascinating kind of art that’s gotten famous and practically unavoidable over the recent years. Why? Because the world’s gotten busier these days and you gotta make an impact at a single glance. What serves better other than powerful and catchy illustrations? Imagine a story, whether it be long or short. Instead of just texts, adding an illustration easily registers.

What is Illustration art?

An illustration is basically a pictorial depiction of a concept or story. For example, a comic strip, book covers, posters and likewise are illustrations. A painting is an idea either solid or abstract that is brought to life on canvas whereas an illustration is a pictorial version of a section of the story.


After every busy day, she loved to sit at the pier and relax with her feet immersed in the water. The cool breeze and the cooler water worked like magic, refreshing her for the next day. The water reflected the vibrant city lights from the other end. It looked more like a piece of giant modern art, which she always loved to sit and enjoy!

She was never a lone girl, but when she was at the pier she wouldn’t prefer it any other way. She loved the sound of the chirping crickets and the gentle breeze rustling through the trees behind her. She always hated the noise of the busy traffic. The honking horns and the roaring cars were a colossal irritation that’s unable to avoid. But the mild and muffled city sounds at this end of pier seemed like a powerless monster, funny and almost fascinating! Every day she wanted to stay a bit longer, may be more but it was already time to leave. She walked away, back into the city lights she dreaded, hoping to come back to the beautiful nature the next day as every day!

Illustration art

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