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Zentangle art – A beginner’s guide | Modern-day Medusa

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹ Hope you’re all doing good this week! Today’s topic is rather an interesting one, a new kind of drawing that has gotten famous in the recent years. Zentangle art! Let’s dive in!😊

What is Zentangle art? | Why Zentangle?

To begin with, let’s see ‘What is zen?’. Being zen is feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed like after a good meditation or after a spa day for example. Zentangle art is similar in the way of achieving that experience through art! Sounds cool, right?! It really is! If you love to draw and sketch, you will already love the process, no matter what you draw. The beauty with zentangle is you can never make a mistake no matter whatever you draw! You will end up making beautiful drawings and with little creativity thrown in the mix, the result will be stunning! It is known to improve creativity and focus while relaxing our minds. In other words, jackpot!

How to do Zentangle art? | Zentangle patterns for beginners

Zentangle is a combination of small designs like curves, lines and dots in repeated patterns. To practice for beginners, it’s drawn in 3.5inch x 3.5inch squares. It’s called tiles and the patterns are tangles. Let’s see a simple set of tangles. You can come up with anything, draw anything, call it a pattern and it actually is!😊

Zentangle patterns for beginners

The next step is to use that tangles in creating art! The real zentangle method is to keep four dots in the four corners of the paper. Then join the dots in any way by drawing curvy, tangling lines. Then fill them up with any patterns you wish.

To take it even to a higher level, you blend zentangle patterns with whatever and wherever you want thereby creating absolutely stunning pieces art! The possibilities are literally endless and that’s what I love about it!

Let’s go wild!!

If you love fairy-tales as much as I, then you’d love Medusa too, I bet! A super-cool, super-powerful, mysterious, badass villain! What’s not to love with that?! (πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ) Now back to zentangle… What if I replace the snakes-for-hair with zentangle patterns? It’s a cool idea, right? Let’s see how it turns out…

Zentangle Art – Medusa

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  1. Wooo Zentangle. I saw this for the first time at the bookstore and bought a book on it a while back. I have yet to draw one haha, but I imagine it’ll be great for automatic/meditative doodling.

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