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Christmasphere – Snowflake Contest

Snowflake Contest is an art contest hosted by Online days – A teen blog. It is based on the beautiful theme – Christmas. Here’s my sketch👇

Christmasphere – Snowflake Contest

Guidelines for the contest

  1. Your artwork has to be painted/drawn/sketched by hand.
  2. It should be original.
  3. The theme is ‘Christmas-The mystical time of the year’.
  4. All submitted pieces should be based on the theme.
  5. Submissions will only be accepted if done in correct procedure.
  6. Last date for Submission is 31st Dec 2020.

Submission Process

  1. Make a blog post on your blog/site.
  2. Title it ‘Christmasphere- Snowflake Contest’ or any other title you want!
  3. Attach your artwork to that post.
  4. Use the tag ‘Christmasphere-Snowflake Contest’.
  5. And finally, link it back to the source post.

I thank Online days – A teen blog for inviting me to take part in this contest. Happy blogging!

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Yuvi MK

I write, I read, I sketch, I repeat!💕

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