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How to draw an aesthetic scenery? | Color pencil drawing | Raining colors

Things required

  • Graphite pencils – 9B to 5B
  • Color pencils – shades of brown, orange, yellow, red and white
  • Eraser, sharpener and ruler

1. Draw the outlines

Pencil drawing – Outlines

I’ve chosen a simple scenery, a girl under a bright lamp post. So there is no complex background in the base drawing.

2. Shading road and background

Pencil drawing – Shading

To begin with, I’ve shaded the lamp post dark at the base and lighter as it goes up. Colors used here are light brown, dark brown, yellow and 9B graphite pencil. For the roads and background, stick to the pattern while drawing strokes. Since same set of colors are used, it will be easier to differentiate between the two roads and the background. (It will look nice too, rather than a chaos😊) The colors used here are – shades of brown, yellow, orange and 9B graphite pencil.

3. Shading the girl

Pencil drawing – Shading

Shade the girl as dark as possible using the softest pencil you’ve got. As for me, I used 9B. Do not fill the space that’s immediately outside the outline of the girl with colors. Leave it white, with very light yellow strokes to give the effect of light illumination from behind the girl.

As an alternative option, shades of green can be added to the strokes at the edges of the road to give the effect of plants.

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      1. Utterly butterly delicious sketches.
        ❀️ Fall in love with your pencil drawing & yes, I’m not foodie at all. πŸ™‚

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