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Top Ten Tuesday: Art Supplies

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹ Hope you’re all doing great this week. Let’s see the ten must-have art supplies for beginners.

1. Graphite pencils

The two kinds are H – hard pencils and B – soft pencils. The harder the pencils the lighter the strokes and softer the pencils, the darker the results. The range varies from H to 9H and B to 9B.

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2. Sketchbook

Sketchbooks can use normal paper, cartridge or watercolor paper. They differ by weight and can be smooth or mildly textured. Cartridge paper is a high quality paper, best suited for sketching and drawing.

3. Kneaded Eraser

Kneaded erasers can be shaped by hand like a play-doh for precision erasing, creating highlights, or performing detailed work. It removes pencil marks and hence it’s best for sketching purposes.

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4. Art Pencil Sharpener

As far as sharpeners are concerned any sharpener works just fine. There are two options; single 8mm hole for standard size pencil or double holed 8mm, 10.5mm for thicker pencils.

5. Ruler

Like sharpeners, any ruler works fine – 12 inch and 18 inch. There is also a cork back option in rulers to stay in place on the canvas.

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6. Watercolors

There are three types of watercolors – transparent, semi-opaque and opaque. In my opinion, transparent watercolors are a good companion for beginner artists.

7. Brushes

There are two kinds of brushes with varying thickness – natural and synthetic bristle brushes. Both can be used for watercolor and acrylics. Natural bristle brushes tend to show brush strokes, while synthetic bristles leave smooth lines.

8. Paint Pallette

A pallette is a must for mixing and diluting paints There are two options for pallettes. Plastic pallette and disposable pallette papers.

9. Color Wheel

A color wheel is a helpful tool for beginners. It is an easy guide to mix two colors to make a new color.

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10. Canvas Pad

Canvas pads are spiral bound canvas that are primed and ready to paint on. There are other canvas pads that are simply heavy weight papers with surface texture similar to canvas.

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