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Dear Diary💕: Where am I?

She opened her eyes. It was dark. She squinted and rubbed her eyes to adjust to the darkness but nothing much happened. Few seconds should have passed. Something hit her like a hammer to the head. She didn’t know where she was. She didn’t know what place it was or what she was doing there. She couldn’t remember anything.

‘Don’t panic!’ She whispered to herself but she knew very well that it wouldn’t work. Her heart was racing and drops of sweat started to trickle down her cheeks. She thought of screaming for help but was too frozen with fear even to whisper.

She stood up from wherever she was and slowly began to move with her hands reached out. Few steps and she felt something. It was cold like metal. She tried to feel as much as possible with her hands to figure something out. Not a single ray of light came from anywhere and her racing heart made things only worse. It was still pitch black.

She was still moving slowly, feeling with her hands. Seconds later, it felt like a door knob. A hint of relief washed over her and she pushed the knob. She was terrified that it wouldn’t open but thankfully it did.

She opened the door and stepped out. It was a room and it was totally unfamiliar. The night lamp faintly illuminated the room and she was shocked. Like air rushing into a vacuum, she remembered it all too well.

The place looked unfamiliar because she was on a trip with her friends. She was sleeping. Her throat felt like it was on fire. So she woke up and went to get a glass of water from the next room. She fell asleep again, sitting in a chair, before even getting a glass. It was dark because she did close the door behind her and forgot to turn the lights on.

She wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry from the panic attack she just had. “I will never drink in my life ever again!” She muttered to herself and went back to sleep.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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Yuvi MK

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  1. oh my, i thought this would be horror. and i was not disappointed, because after all, most too many things are more horrifying than a hangover. loved it, the tension was wonderfully built and the end left me smiling. ♥️💕

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